Remote Access Sytstem

Use the server that has been assigned to you by Cook & Cheek staff.  To the left is additional files that we may require you to install to ensure proper operation of your service.

NEXGen Remote Access System

First time NEXGen Users:
Right click on the CNCRemote Connect (Your Windows Version) and save the file to your desktop.
Click on the TSPrint Client (All Windows Users), run the program and complete setup.
To login, use the CNCRemote Connect application on your desktop.  You want to always use the TS Printer.
If you use the HTML5 connection from our login page, you will need to use the Universal Printer instead.

First time NEXGen Users (MAC):
Click on the CNCRemote Connect (MAC) to the left, open the package from your download folder and install the application.
Click on the TSPrint Client (MAC) to the left, open and install the program.  You will need to go into your applications folder and run the TSPrint Client.  If this is done correctly you will see a new icon by your clock at the top of your screen.  Whenever printing using this connection method, use the TS Printer (Mac).
Right-Click on the MSRDP Connection (MAC Settings) and save this to your desktop.  You will run this when you wish to connect to the system.

HTML Website Users
If you use the HTML5 version of our system, you will need to select the Virtual Printer in order to print.

Cook & Cheek CPAs (2015)